Promise To Entrepreneurs

Our Promise To You…More Success, With Less Effort

The Practical Social Media Promise: PSM provides a unique and powerful service that empowers small business entrepreneurs to successfully master the most significant aspects of social media marketing to grow their businesses. The university is dedicated to not only the highest standards of do-it-yourself social media training, but to helping you with professional recommendations, strategies and tactics for increasing your sales conversion rates!

Social Media Training Center And Resource Library

Here’s what we promise to do for you:

#1 – We provide a step-by-step, visual and non-technical social media university full of how-to articles and webinars sourced from our field of top social media marketing experts. The social media training resources not only make sense out of every important social media marketing subject, but have also been laid out in priority order for busy entrepreneurs. Don’t know where to start? Feel overwhelmed? Behind the curve? We’ll narrow the world of social media marketing down to just the important areas that you need to know to help you become a successful small business entrepreneur in a new digital world. Then we teach you, in a very clear and simple step-by-step manner, how to put this expertise into action. No previous experience is required!

#2 – We filter every recommendation based on what we know works from more than two decades of marketing expertise and experience with hundreds of organizations – from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Our expertise is honed from direct, in the trenches work and executive management positions with NY, SF and LA consulting, advertising and interactive firms. Nothing we recommend hasn’t been tested by us and put through the filter of return on investment for an individual entrepreneur with very limited time. We will never waste your time by recommending things that just don’t matter to a small business!

#3 – We always start you out with social media recommendations for your business that you only have to do once, yet can result in an immediate impact for your efforts. We then move on to the things that you only have to do infrequently, but still get a high priority, direct return on your investment. Only after these important, low-hanging fruit opportunities have been accomplished do we recommend that you move into the more highly participatory areas of social media that require ongoing attention from you on a daily basis. This allows you to start seeing immediate results without making social media your second job!

#4 –If you ever get stuck, you can send in an email with your social media marketing question, whatever it is, and we will respond with a personal answer just for you and your situation. All for one monthly membership fee! You are not alone! You now have the opportunity to directly access the experiences of a field of social media experts, explained clearly, simply, and specifically for you.

If all that isn’t enough, there’s more! If you ever feel as though you aren’t getting what you need out of the Practical Social Media University, you can cancel your membership at any time. We have no contracts, everything is on a month-to month basis. Simply email us at

We are your social media trainer!